We are a full service strategic communications firm.

That means strategy comes first.

Then we have the ability to use all the tools we need to implement the strategy.

(tv, radio, online,
print, outdoor)
development and

Behr Communications builds communications strategies that take our clients from where they are to where they want to be. Whether you’re a charitable foundation making good on your mission statement, a nonprofit hoping to shape state or federal legislation, or a candidate for elected office working to stand out in a crowded field, we can help you find the right messages and tactics to achieve your goals.

Creating effective ads takes a real understanding of how to balance research, messaging, and emotion. We know how to use research to guide strategy development, while still creating emotionally compelling messages that connect with and motivate audiences.

We like to tell stories, and we’re good at it.  We have years of experience developing and producing longer-format videos, which allow storytelling in a more textured, nuanced way.

Our approach to direct mail is simple:  give people important information in a package that makes them want to read it.  We believe strongly that direct mail doesn’t have to be junk mail—it’s a great way to communicate important messages, using personal stories and compelling imagery.

Through our years of work on political and issue campaigns, we developed relationships with dozens of national and statewide reporters.  Perhaps more importantly, we have a deep understanding of how the media view political issues, insight into how they approach controversial stories, and knowledge of how to present messages in ways they will use.  We have an extraordinary record of developing and executing press events, as well as placing stories in print and electronic media.

We also know how to deal with delicate press issues, and Roy has advised a wide range of corporate, government, and political clients on dealing with crisis situations.

Making sure our clients are prepared to answer difficult questions and handle challenging situations is another crucial role we play. Behr has provided media training to literally dozens of clients, including Governors, Senators, Members of Congress, as well as top executives of major corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.

Press outreach and crisis
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