Behr Communications
specializes in issue-based strategic communications and political advertising.

We think.  We analyze.  We win.

We only work on issues we care about
and candidates we believe in.
Your campaign is unique.
You deserve a strategy that’s also unique.

When you put your heart and soul into a campaign, you want team members who feel just as passionately as you do - people who are fully invested in your success, and who will always be there when you need them.  That’s us.  We only take on campaigns that we care about.  And that means you’ll always get our best work.

For us, this is about using our energy and our hearts to make progress on causes we believe in.

No two campaigns are alike.  So why would you want a communications strategy that looks like a thousand other ones?

We approach every project with a fresh perspective.  We analyze your situation, your challenges, and your opportunities.  Then we develop a strategy that’s tailor-made to fit your needs.  In our political work, we’re known for creating ads that are unique to each candidate, helping them to stand out from the pack and building a platform to show why their ideas matter.

Too often, campaigns hire firms based on the smart, experienced people they met in the “pitch meeting,” and then find out that they’ve been handed off to junior associates.  We’re a small firm; we don’t have anyone to hand you off to.  Nor would we want to; if you’re our client, we want to be doing your work.

We believe that what sets us apart is our ability to add value by offering new ideas and different perspectives.  You don’t need to hire someone to tell you what you already know, give you ideas you already have, and look at things the way you already do.  Our goal is to add value - by questioning assumptions, learning lessons from past experience, and creating new ways of delivering your messages.

What you
see is what
you get.
We take our strategic role very seriously.